Current Trial Director Issues (6.8)

I wanted to create a list of known Trial Director (inData) issues that have Not been addressed in the latest version (6.8).  You can find all of the Version 6 release notes here.

If you have others please put them in the comments on LinkedIn or in the comments below and I will update this list.  Please report new issues to Indata… I have excluded the obvious issues e.g. lack of support for high resolution monitors etc and stuck to presentation issues



DVT Related

  •  Jumping transcript text in presentation mode when playing an impeachment clip (may only apply to computers with Nvidia Quadro video cards). *Will NOT be fixed in version 6 of the software!  Update 3/11/15, got a VM from inData.  This issue is now going to be fixed in the version, 6.9? not date as yet.
  • Transcript text may or may not display correctly using the “present selected text in presentation mode” right click option. 
  • First frame of deposition video displays when playing an impeachment clip.

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