Free Software For The Trial Tech

We are continuing our cheap series, or in this case FREE…  I love it when good things are free, here are some of my favorites

Notepad ++

Everyone needs a better text editor, Notepad++ is free and open Source.




The Cost of Photoshop got you down? Give Gimp a try.






7Zip has been my go to compression tool for many years, it offers many compression containers and the option to encrypt them too.  Works much faster than Windows built in zip tool



Blender is Free open Source 3d software and is the only software on this list I am yet to use.



TreeComp is a free directory tree syncer, great for keeping case backups up to date



Virtual CloneDrive

This is a great option for mounting .iso image files when using Win 7.  Win 8 and 8.1 have a built in .iso mounter