Free Software For The Trial Tech #3

Acrylic WiFi

Free WiFi scanning software, use in war-room situations to help prevent WiFi channel overlap




Google Earth PRO!!!

Record fly through and other features only in the pro version




Free, open source, multi track, wave form editing






Oracle Virtual Box

Test new operating systems, test new software without risk of breaking your trial machines







Copy without the frustration of bad or in-use files after!!! Y-Copy will skip copying files that were unable to be copied and continue with other files









Directory printer

print a listing of every file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory(ies)










It’s built in use it!

Can also be used on external HDD and USB drives (Bitlocker to go)












Microsoft Security Essentials

The base protection you PC needs, on a well cared for, trial only machine it could be the only protection you need