Trial Graphics; Closing the communication gap

Trial Graphics, Time Lines, PowerPoint, Video, Design and presentation.  Why do I need this?

Many jury members learn best when information is presented visually. They process information more effectively when they see it, rather than hearing it. Lawyers may confuse and/or overwhelm them with a flood of words! Therefor to close the communication gap, a visual presentation using Visualize Legals experience and expertise is strongly recommended.

Many of the cases we see are wrought with complex ideas, concepts and sometimes just too many names and faces for a jury to remember. Visualize Legal will make the complex concepts of your case easier for the jury to understand.

Examples of our legal graphics are below.  In addition, we have included some tutorial videos, therefor if you decide to make your own graphics they can look the part.

All the presentation in the videos below were created in Microsoft PowerPoint.


Animated time lines are a welcome break from the standard stationary stick and flags we are all use to seeing

There is nothing like a rigged game of “Three Card Monte” to get your point across to a jury

Just a small piece from Asbestos litigation “5 Million Particles Per Cubic Foot”


The Videos below are part of a live presentation we give to Law Firms, Paralegal groups, and other groups who wish to learn.  They cover a few areas that can be very helpful to parties who want to create presentations on their own.

Again, all of these videos come directly from the Microsoft PowerPoint files.

Help videos for DIY Trial Graphics and Presentation

Adobe Acrobat as a presentation tool (OCR and presentation tools)

PowerPoint and the Master Slide

Document call-outs (blow ups) in PowerPoint

Hi-Lighting in Microsoft PowerPoint and Making it Look Right


If you are after some more DIY help check our articles, there you will find some more in-depth information for trial techs and like-minded professionals and some of the amazing things our techs have accomplished. To reach us use our contact form